Brutish Buffalos
Remi original pose
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Label The French Artist
Episodes 2
Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Relationship Daniel (possibly)
Friends Daniel, Maia (possibly)
Enemies S.Deezy, Nate (one-sided on Nate's side), Michael
Voiced by Zach Walz

Remi is a camper from Total Drama Gone Wild and is a member of the Brutish Buffalos. He is currently in the competition.


Rémi is a french basic stereotype, but is actually way more interesting then you may think. He isn't a snob like a french stereotype would state. He is a wonderful chef, an overall nice guy, and the best at flirting with women.


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Total Drama Gone Wild Edit

In Beginners' Luck - Part 1, Remi is first seen complementing Daniel's eyes, claiming they are gorgeous. After jumping from the plane, Remi says the contestants suitcases are sinking in the lake. He does swim to shore and is put on the Brutish Buffalos.

In Beginners' Luck - Part 2, Remi spends most of the challenge talking with Maia, answering her questions about where he is from, getting slightly annoyed when she mistakes it for Italy/Spain. He then reveals he doesn't get tired of walking due to competing in the Tour de France every year, building up his leg muscles, Maia then asks him for a piggyback ride, which happens despite his protests against it. After finishing the race, Remi questions Chris saying that his team arrived first, before being corrected. That night at the campfire ceremon, Remi angrily glares at Michael for costing them the win. He receives the second to last marshmallow.

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Rémi is from France.


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