Deadly Parrots
Nate original pose
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Green
Label The Shy Guy
Episodes 3
Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Relationship Daniel (mutual attraction)
Friends Daniel, Madison
Enemies Remi (one-sided on his side)
Voiced by Zach Walz

Nate is a camper from Total Drama Gone Wild and is a member of the Deadly Parrots. He is currently in the competition.


Nate is a really nice guy. Although he's exceedingly quiet and shy, (See what I did there?) as well as being timid. Often restrained and doesn't like to talk about himself very much. While he might sound like something a girl would want, he's not the best when it comes to romance.


Audition Tape Edit

Nate doesn't have an audition tape at the moment.

Total Drama Gone Wild Edit

In Beginners' Luck - Part 1, Nate is seen sitting on the plane with the other 16 contestants. He is seen talking to Daniel. They talk about how it's their first time on a plane. It is seen straight away that they sort of like each other. He and Daniel start to lean towards each other to kiss, when Remi interrupts them by also flirting with Daniel. After the plane crashes, Nate gets to the shore, and is put on the Deadly Parrots.

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Trivia Edit

  • Nate's suitcase looks a lot like the suitcase that holds the million dollars in Total Drama seasons 2 - 5.2.


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