Hi everyone, my name is Jade and I would like to audition for Total Drama.
— Jade
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Deadly Parrots
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Black
Label The Other Rich Snob
Episodes 2
Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Friends Chad
Enemies everyone except Chad
Voiced by Amber McLeod

Jade is a camper from Total Drama Gone Wild and is a member of the Deadly Parrots. She is currently in the competition.


Jade is the rich, popular, snobby, arrogant, and annoying girl in high school. Her label is "The Popular Girl". She's constantly around Chad, Just like Chad, she hates the other non-popular kids in class. Oh, and don't assume that she's Chad's "Side-kick", they are both kind of on the same level... (:


Audition Tape Edit

Jade is seen in her living room, with a parrot on her head. Claiming that she'll always be there if ever any one of her teammates are in need and that she clearly loves animals (Mentioning the parrot on her head). She signs off the audition and thinking the camera has stopped rolling. She shows her true colors and demands that the parrot should be removed from her head, before she screams for a latte.

Total Drama Gone Wild Edit

In Beginners' Luck - Part 1, Jade becomes happy upon seeing that her friend Chad is also on the show, she races towards him and slams Bobby Joe off of his seat to sit next to Chad. They begin discussing how they both signed up and the two both agree that the others are "terrible people." They both share a laugh after stating how they wish more people were like them. Later, Chad and Jade are both seen clinging onto each-other after Iris has made a hole in the plane, and Jade tells Daniel that her attempt at calming them down wasn't helping. After falling out, Chad asks his dad to aid him for the challenge, by sending a motor boat, and he allows Jade to cruise with him as well. After arriving at shore, Jade observes S Deezy landing on a rock, stating that it's karma for using their motor boat without permission. Jade, along with the others who reached the shore are put on the Deadly Parrots.

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Trivia Edit

  • Jade is one of the four contestants to have their audition tape released. The others being Bobby Joe, Celia and Madison.
    • Jade is the first female contestant to have her audition tape released.
    • Additionally, Jade is the first contestant to have her audition tape released.
  • Jade is the only female contestant to wear a dress.


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