Brutish Buffalos
Iris Pose
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Teal
Label The Kickboxer
Episodes 2
Eliminated Double Treble
Place 16th
Friends Madison
Enemies Chad, Jade (Both one sided on her side)
Voiced by Ariel D.

Iris is a camper from Total Drama Gone Wild and is a member of the Brutish Buffalos. She was eliminated in Double Treble.


Iris is highly addicted into kickboxing as you can see in her pose. She is crazy about it, and believes that her whole life is based around kickboxing. Those kicks, boxes, and the great music that comes with the kickboxing. But that aside, she is lovely and nice. Although she can be slightly clumsy and not that thoughtful or smart, she can be a great friend for someone with the same interests she has. She is undeniably wild, and possibly not the most sane person ever. Hopefully, nothing will break from all of her kicks XD.


Audition Tape Edit

Currently, Iris does not have an audition tape.

Total Drama Gone Wild Edit

In the first episode, Beginners Luck, Iris finds herself sitting on the plane with the other 16 contestants. She strikes up a conversation with Madison, talking about kickboxing. Iris asked her if she wanted to see some 'Sick' kickboxing moves. She answers with, 'Is that even a question?"

While showing Madison her kickboxing moves, Iris accidentally kicks a hole in the plane, causing it to crash. She then shouts a warning to alert everybody about the situation. Luckily, everybody, including Iris, managed to land in the water next to the island safely.

As Iris didn't bother to swim to the island in the challenge, she ended up in The Brutish Buffalo's

In the following episode, Iris is tripped by Chad, falling into a puddle of mud. Madison runs up and expresses her concern. After Iris explained what had happened Madison realizes how untrustworthy her fellow contestants are. She then asks Iris if she would like to be friends, Iris asks if it would be an alliance but Madison assures her otherwise, and merely help each other throughout the game. Iris agrees and they run off together to finish the challenge. Iris' team loses the challenge and has to face elimination. Iris receives the third marshmallow and is safe from elimination.

In Double Treble, Iris is first seen listening to Madison's kicking technique, in her confessional she claims that kicking a hole in the plane left her distanced from everyone else, after a spider dropsdown in front of her she runs from the confessional screaming, showing she suffers from arachnophobia.

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