Elimination is the process in the Total Drama series where a contestant is removed from the competition, often occurring after they are voted for by the other members of their team or merged contestants.

Eliminations usually occur in a campfire (Just like in previous seasons like Island, Revenge Of The Island, All-Stars and Pahkitew Island so far. In the case of others seasons like Action where it was a theater and in World Tour where it was in tropical decorated theme of the plane.) Chris gives the safe contestants marshmallows to prove they are still in the game, the only contestant who doesn't receives a marshamallow is eliminated from the game and according to Chris if someone is eliminated, that person can't return again, however it could be a lie.

Contestant Gender Team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Michael Male Brutish Buffalos 18th Beginners' Luck - Part 2 Celia manipulated him into painting the island's landscape which caused his team to lose the challenge, and the team blamed him for not making it to the finish line.
Iris Female Brutish Buffalos 17th Double Treble Celia sabotaged Iris making her fall on the mud, and when she knew which her challenge was sitting on a tarantula tank for 5 minutes straight, she couldn't make it, making the team lose the challenge.