Ciphoko Island is the main location where Total Drama Gone Wild takes place. It is an island located somewhere in Eastern Europe.


The island is similar to Camp Wawanakwa from Total Drama Island. Located on a cliff on the west side of the island, there are two cabins each home to the Deadly Parrots and the Brutish Buffalos, which are further divided into boys and girls, an outhouse that also serves as a mainly confessional, main lodge where the campers would meet every day for their regular meals (possible cooked by Remi). On the West bottom side of the island is a small dock, where the Canoe of Shame elimination device is launched.

Landmarks Edit

Other additional marks include the volcano, which is located east of the island. The island is mostly filled with trees so the forest may be visited in the future. A beach is surrounding the island. Other landmarks are unknown. The island will be explored in future episodes. There is possibility that the forest is home to many animals.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first location, also the main location, to be introduced.
  • Ciphoko Island ressembles Camp Wawanakwa:
    • Lake Wawanakwa and the beach in Ciphoko Island are similar in appearance.
    • The cabins from both of the islands are similar.
    • The interior of the lodge from Ciphoko Island and the interior of the lodge in Camp Wawanakwa are similar in appearance.
    • Both of the islands contain a dock. The purpose of the dock in Ciphoko Island and Camp Wawanakwa serve as elimination exits.