I did not come here to listen to street children like you talking about their fancy camping trips or their luxurious times spent riding a horse in South East Arizona! So could you please, just please, shut up! And let me enjoy this horrific flight
— Chad
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Deadly Parrots
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Black
Label The Rich Snob
Episodes 2
Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Friends Jade
Enemies everyone except Jade
Voiced by Zach Walz

Chad is a camper from Total Drama Gone Wild and is a member of the Deadly Parrots. He is currently in the competition.


As you can see this guy is pretty mean, pretty snobby as well, and is also exceedingly arrogant, in addition. His stereo-type is "The Popular Dude (As well as in High-School)". Although he is an extremely cruel and overall bad person in general, he's not the main antagonist.

Another thing I would like say, is that he has a look-a-like female partner, who together are the "Kings of the class". We all know this annoying couple in school. The popular rich kids who constantly despise the other high schoolers that are either average, cheap, or just non-popular kids.


Audition Tape Edit

There is currently no addition tape for Chad at the moment.

Total Drama Gone Wild Edit

IMG 0450-1-

Chad & Jade laugh at their joke.

In Beginners' Luck, Chad sullenly listens to Bobby Joe's crazy story before screaming at him to shut up. Chad then meets with Jade in the plane, and

they both share resent at the other competitors on the show with them. After jumping out of the plane, Chad calls his father to send a motorboat, to drive Jade & himself to shore for the challenge.

While on the boat, Chad rather unfortunately loses his waterproof cell phone... But he then shrugs it off, when he remembers that he's rich and can just simply buy a new one whenever he has the time to do so.

In Beginners' Luck - Part 2, Once the challenge has begun Chad interrupts Bobby Joe's pep talk to announce they are falling behind, before running off. Later, him and Jade are peacefully strolling across the forest, until he sees Iris passing by. Which he then quickly tells Jade about his small scheme. He then trips Iris over into mud, as both start mocking her afterwards.

Later on, Chad acts like a leader figure towards his team, after Jade tells him that they're almost at the finish line. He orders everyone to start running, because they're almost finished with the challenge. Due to their opponents missing a member, the Deadly Parrots are spared from elimination.

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  • He is the tallest male in the overall season.
    • Also, he is the tallest contestant in the overall season.
  • Chad is one of two male contestants to wear shorts, the other being Bobby Joe.
  • Chad is tied with Jade on the last contestant seen in the opening.


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