This article focuses on the interactions between Brandon and Diana.

Overview Edit

Brandon and Diana's relationships is one of the two major relationships featured in Total Drama Gone Wild.

Total Drama Gone Wild Edit

Beginners' Luck -Part 1 Edit

The relationship is first hinted at when Brandon briefly looks at Diana, secretly admiring her without her knowledge, and once she glances up at him, he looks away. After Diana explains how to safely exit the doomed plane, Brandon agrees with her theory and they both explain it simultaneously, making Diana giggle. After landing in the water, neither of them swim to shore and are put on the same team.

Beginners' Luck -Part 2 Edit

During the challenge while walking with Nicole, Brandon discusses his favourite science-fiction show "King of Gastronomy", Diana is immediately interested, thinking before that she was the only one who watched it, Brandon attempts to discuss more with her, but is cut off by Nicole. When it comes time to sprint to the finish line, Diana expresses disappointment that she and Brandon cannot talk for the remainder of the challenge. At the campfire ceremon that night before the marshmallows are distribute, Brandon whispers in Diana's ear, making her giggle once again.

Double Treble Edit

When they are selected to participate in the first challenge they smile at each other confidently. Both Diana and Brandon figure out the equation simultaneously. In their confessionals they both display amazement that the other one figured it out claiming the odds were enormous. They both conclude that the other one is a genius before gazing wistfully.In the confessionals they found out that they are in love with each other.