Bobby Joe
Deadly Parrots
Boby Joe original pose
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Label The Storyteller
Episodes 2
Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Relationship Laurie (broken up)
Friends Sandy, Tim
Enemies Jade
Voiced by Liam Marshall

Bobby Joe is a camper from Total Drama Gone Wild and is a member of the Deadly Parrots. He is currently in the competition.


Bobby Joe is the type of person who always has exciting, smart, funny and mostly awesome stories to tell. He's funny, friendly, and sometimes even a good friend for a long long talk about life problems. Though, he's not naïve and he could be a really good player in Total Drama.


Audition Tape Edit

In Bobby Joe's audition tape he talks about how he had an awful break up with a girl named Laurie and to cheer himself up he took himself out to dinner alone. Unfortunately for him, Bobby Joe was mortified to see Laurie at the restaurant...with a date!

Embarrassed he was forced to call his cousin who posed as his date but everything went awry when Bobby Joe's cousins boyfriend turned up angry at seeing his girlfriend dating another guy.

Laurie confronted Bobby Joe and an argument broke out so Bobby Joe silenced everyone. However he is yelp for quiet seemingly startled the waiter behind him who dropped all of his plates with a loud CRASH!

Total Drama Gone Wild Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Bobby Joe's ex-girlfriend is called Laurie (Which may be Laurie, a contestant on The Ridonculous Race).
  • He is the first male to have his audition tape released and the second contestant to have his audition tape released overall.
  • He is one of two male contestants to wear shorts, the other being Chad.


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