• Tomas T

    My opinion about the characters in this fanseason this is not ranking

    By far he is pretty funny. Kinda less annoying version of Staci but overall he is nice.

    canon counterpart = Staci

    By far the cutest guy. Don't have much to tall about him but his relationship with Diana seems to be good.

    canon counterpart = Cameron

    Ok. She is the main antagonist and by far she is decent. But i have to problems with her:

    1. sometimes it seems the writers force her bad attitude too much.

    2, it seems her strategy is the same as scott's. and i didn't liked his strategy. It worked for him but it was pretty pointless. I hope there is something bigger behind her strategy.

    But i like how she behaive so nice and supportive toword everyone. Thing that never happened in th…

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  • MegaSteelix2478

    18th michael 17th maia 16th bobby joe 15th sandy 14th s deezy 13th iris 12th matthew 11th madison 10th brandon 9th chad Merge 8th jade 7th tim 6th remi 5th diana 4th daniel 3rd celia 2nd nicole 1rst nate

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  • Magnificus Fangirl

    This is my overall opinion of all the characters that were in part 2 of episode 1, and my opinion of the majority of its characters have changed since then.

    17 (Most Least): Iris. Iris has started to lose my interest a little. She didn't really do too much on the episode, as not too much of her personality or anything else has been shown. Other then befriending Madison. I honestly care about her the least, even if I adore this series a lot.

    16 (Second Least) Remi. Remi is starting to improve a very slight bit, but I really have nothing else to say, as he was somewhat boring, but wasn't really "Creepy" or "Annoying" in this episode. The only thing he did was explain his origin to where he's from.

    15 (Dislike): Maia. Maia doesn't interest me ve…

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  • ShoeOffHead


    May 11, 2017 by ShoeOffHead

    17th. Michael

    16th. S Deezy

    15th. Nicole

    14th. Maia

    13th. Iris

    12th. Nate

    11th. Diana

    10th. Sandy

    9th. Remi

    8th Brandon


    7th. Bobby Joe

    6th/5th. Jade

    5th/6th. Chad

    4th. Madison

    3rd. Celia

    2nd/1st. Tim

    1st/2nd. Daniel

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  • Magnificus Fangirl

    Here's like, some genderbent names for the Total Drama Gone Wild cast I came up with! XD LOL I'm legit trying here. 

    Bobby Joe - Betty Jo

    Celia - Cedric

     Remi - Rita is all I can think of. ;w;

    S. Deezy - S Deeza

    Maia - Marlin is all I can think of. ;w;

    Sandy - Sander

    Diana - Damien

     Brandon - Bernice

    Daniel - Daniela XD (See what I did there?)

    Tim - Tabitha

     Michael - Michele

    Iris - Ivan

    Madison - Mason

    Jade - Jason

    Nicole - Nicholas

    Nate - Natalie

    Chad - Charlotte (This was my personal favorite! XD) Like, Charlotte Labouff from Disney's Princess And The Frog! XD I thought that name would fit perfectly! XD

    If you have different names for them, comment here and tell me your ideas about them! :)

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  • Magnificus Fangirl

    This is my overall opinon of all the characters that were introduced on Total Drama Gone Wild!

    From Least, To Favorite! Starting with...

    17 (Most Least): Bobby Joe. What can I say? He's just a borderline/lousy knock off of Staci from Revenge Of The Island. I never even liked Staci to begin with! The only solid that I can say about him, is that he's "Slightly" less annoying, then Staci herself. Moving on.

    16 (Second Least) Celia. I dunno about this character, but I highly doubt that she'll be an interesting main villain/antagonist of the series. She just feels like a very obvious copy past character of Heather and Amy combined! I enjoyed Heather, because she was an awesome and interesting villain. Amy? Not so much. -_-

    But who knows, perhaps yo…

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  • AlejandroCodyTylerNoah
    • 17th: Maia - I don't really remember any lines she had.
    • 16th: Brandon - Just didn't talk enough or get that much screen time. 
    • 15th: Diana - Same reason as Brandon.
    • 14th: Sandy - Need to see more from her. 
    • 13th: Iris - Also need to see more from her, but we did get a look into her personality. 
    • 12th: Bobby Joe - We got to see his personality in this episode and it resembles his audition tape so well done!
    • 11th: S. Deezy - Nice personality so far, I just wish we could've seen him interact with others. 
    • 10th: Remi - Has a great design, good personality so far. Want to see more of him in future episodes.
    • 9th: Nate - I really like him so far, looking forward to seeing him interact with Daniel although it might be hard since they're on different teams…
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  • TheAnimeKid87
    • 17th: Brandon - Okay...
    • 16th: Nicole - Say stuff.
    • 15th: Bobby Joe - Uhm, you did nothing.
    • 14th: Michael - Who?
    • 13th: Tim - Boring.
    • 12th: Maia - Okay ish?
    • 11th: Celia - For a villain, you are over shadowed.
    • 10th-9th; Deezy and Remi: Both did very little.
    • 8th: Iris - Okay, so after the first scene, it was like, what?
    • 7th-6th: Diana/Sandy - See Iris.
    • 5th: Chad - Not as good as Jade.
    • 4th: Nate: Eh. Daniel carried him.
    • 3rd: Madison - One of the few "not letdowns".
    • 2nd: Daniel: She was like a better Maia. A WAY better Maia. 
    • 1st: Jade: So good!

    Undetailed, but super cynical. 

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  • Queen Amy

    I am working on a project where essentially the cast of Danganronpa will compete in Total Drama and I was wondering if anyone could possibly design and colour them for me in TD style. (If you are unfamiliar with it then google it. Thank-you

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