Beginners' Luck - Part 1
Episode 1 - Part 1 
Beginners' Luck
First aired March 10th/12th, 2016
Challenge(s) Swim to the beach
Winner(s) Deadly Parrots (Part 1)
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" Beginners' Luck - Part 2 "

Seventeen crazy new contestants arrive at a tropical island somewhere in eastern Europe named "Ciphoko Island". For a certain two contestants it seems like love at first sight, but there's potential for a spoiler. A huge disaster has the contestants scared for their lives. During the very first challenge, two snobby competitors call relatives to help them cheat. After some hard work, two teams are born and they're ready to be pitted against each other!


All of the contestants are sent to the island via plane. Maia tries to start a friendship with Nicole who simply acts grumpy and cold causing Maia to be annoyed. Sandy is fascinated with Michael's artwork and asks graciously if he'll paint a portrait of her. Nate & Daniel bond over having never been in a plane but the flirtatious Remi interrupts their heartfelt moment by paying Daniel a lovely compliment - much to Nate's chagrin. Tim introduces himself to Celia who harshly rejects his friendliness.
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Young Love!

Bobby Joe talks about his life to an annoyed Chad who finally screams at him to shut up. From the other end of the plane, Jade recognises Chad and shoves Bobby-Joe out of the way so she can sit with Chad. They share feelings of disgust at the people they are competing with and wish the world was made up of brilliant like them, to which they laugh. Iris shows Madison her kickboxing skills but accidentally creates a hole in the plane causing everyone to panic. Daniel attempts to calm everyone down whereas Diana believes they should jump from the plane (that will soon crash). Michael thinks this is crazy but with the combined power of maths and science Brandon & Diana explain that jumping ship is the best option.
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Nicole free-falls from the sky!

The competitors jump out of the plane and land in the water. Remi is horrified to see his suitcases sinking whilst Celia moans to him about current events. Chris reveals himself and announces that a challenge will take place, much to the annoyance of Diana. The contestants must swim to the beach as the first challenge. Chad asks his father for a motorboat and offers Jade a ride while the thrill-seeking S Deezy clings onto the back. Madison starts the challenge while Daniel tries to motivate everyone, although she horribly fails. Whilst riding on the motor boat Chad loses his phone...then shrugs it off when he realises he can get a new one. Bobby-Joe, Tim & Sandy celebrate that they landed close to shore. Madison arrives with an exhausted Nate who collapses in the sand. Chad's motorboat pulls up and S Deezy is thrown off of the back and he slams into a rock. As the snobby friends strut onto the beach Jade sinisterly suggests that S Deezy slamming into a rock was karma for him using their motorboat.

Bobby Joe, Tim, Sandy, S Deezy, Chad, Jade, Madison & Nate become The Deadly Parrots team. Diana, Daniel, Celia, Nicole, Remi, Michael, Brandon, Maia & Iris become The Brutish Buffalos team. Chris signs off the very first episode of Total Drama Gone Wild!


Voice actor Role(s)
Liam Marshall Bobby Joe/Michael
Joe Gratz Brandon/Chris
Katelyn Pearson Celia
Zach Walz Chad/Nate/Remi
Bread Breaderson Daniel
Elizabetto Tetu Diana/Maia/Nicole
Amber McLeod Jade
Ariel D. Iris
Aidan Connor Madison
Emily Brown Sandy
Brandon Cardoza S. Deezy/Tim


  • This is the very first Total Drama Gone Wild episode.
  • The zeppelin from this episode ressembles the one from the first episode of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island.
  • The first two females and the last one to talk were respectively Maia, Nicole and Diana. Coincidentally, all of them are voiced by Elizabetto Tetu.
    • Additionally the last males to talk, and the last characters to talk overall, were Brandon and Chris and they are both voiced by Joe Gratz.